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Mastermind − LX

The object of the game is to find out a combination of 4 colored pegs (red, green, brown, yellow, blue and orange). At the beginning one player (computer) chooses a combination and the player has to find it out in as less turns as possible.

To achieve this you put colored pegs in the right part of the board. After you have finished a turn the computer evaluates your guess. For each peg that fits in color and position it will put a black peg in the left part of the board. If there is a peg that has the right color but is not in the right place, then it will put a white peg. So for example if there are one black and two white pegs you know that one of your pegs is right in color and position and 2 other pegs have at least the right color (they just have to be put in another place). The order of black and white pegs is independant from the colored pegs. If there's a black peg in the lower right corner you can't conclude that your very right peg is the one that fits in color and position.

Now by combining the information the computer gives you, you have to conclude the combination the computer chose. If the computer for example gives you no black or white pegs after a turn you know that none of the pegs you just used is in its combination. Therefore you only have to check for combinations involving the other colors.

If you haven't found out the right combination after 7 turns you lost the game and the computer shows you its combination. However you can play another game.