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Frequently asked Questions


What kind of a Website is this?

This website is dedicated to games programmed in JavaScript. This might be a foolish idea in your mind but check them out. It's amazing what can be done with a language that is not even considered a real programming language.

We're planning to make more games. If you have any suggestion of what games we can program or even a totally new game that the world hasn't seen before then send us email.

How come?

Answered by Misel

This is the part where I have to explain this crazy idea. And to be honest, I have absolutely no idea what was driving me at that time and what effort is needed to build a game in javascript.

Little did I know about javascript when I just thought about programming Minesweeper. This game has a fascination although it's so simple. That's also why I have a Minesweeper fansite: Minesweeper World.

When I told LX about my idea he called me crazy. "How do you want to do all the clicking stuff?" I knew it could be possible somehow but I had no concrete concept at the time. But it was romouring in my head. Because of much work I couldn't concentrate that much on programming but some months later I actually started my project ... and got stuck.

Luckily I have a good friend called LX :-) He knows more about programming than me especially in javascript (but I plan to keep up). And me being a lazy asked him what the problem could be. I don't remember what it was exactly but the project was quite at the beginning.

LX couldn't help me but he saw the concept that was behind the game and was inspired - Yes, it was the same LX who called me crazy for even thinking about programming such a game in javascript. You can read the rest of the story on the Minesweeper page.

As time went by LX became a real javascript game maniac. He coded game after game and I programmed one as well. So we had a bunch of javascript games together and now it's time to release them to public in one place.

Welcome to

How was it done and which Tools were used?

This website is a work of LX and Misel. As we're both "purists" when it comes to web design we both used raw text editors to build this website.

Since I (Misel) am somewhat lazier than LX I use a more advanced text editor called Note Tab Light™. LX uses VIM.

If your browser has problems viewing this website it could be that your browser does not 100% support HTML 4.01, CSS 2.0 and JavaScript. We think the internet needs free and open standards to assure that each and every person can see each and every website in the same way - no matter which browser is used. That's why we code according to the standards set by a group of many developers instead of those of one monopoly-like company (references to existing companies are unintentional). For further information read through the website of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the "To hell with bad browsers!" declaration.

Who did the Graphics?

All the 3D pictures you can see on this website are done by me (Misel) using PovRay. PovRay is for 3D rendering what Notepad is for web design so you see we code even the graphics. You can check out high resolution renders of those images in our Cool Stuff section.

Every other (2D) image, the basic design as well as the font style was done by LX.

I like your games, can I use them on my site?

We don't have anything against the use of our games for other web projects. You may also customize the games optically. It is just linked to one condition and one request:

  • The original copyright notice below each game must stay. It contains the text "© <year> by <LX/Misel>" (name linked to the specific email address) and the little graphic, linked to the domain
    © 2002 by LX
    © 2002 by Misel
  • Additionally it would be nice if you left us a notice that and how you use our games so that we can get in touch if there are important news concerning the game (e.g. if a bug is fixed).

Unfortunately we cannot provide a highscore ranking for games not hosted on our site because we can't check for manipulation of the scores this way.