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LX: May 20, 2016
There was a bug in SameGame rendering it unplayable in at least Firefox and Chrome. I fixed that now.

LX: August 05, 2012
After 10 years switches the lights out - via a new game. For each of the 52 levels you can compete with others on the high score list.

LX: July 29, 2007
A bug in the calculation of SameGame scores that has been known for quite a while was finally fixed today (thanks to g-hei for doing research on the problem). Older scores are therefore not comparable to the correct calculation of current scores, hence I reset the highscore list again.

The run for best scores is reopened.

LX: November 06, 2006
Not every submitted score on our page was reached in a legal way, especially at SameGame. Hence I upgraded its highscore system today.

I followed a suggestion by Darse Billings (thanks to him again). Apart from the randomly generated games (for which no more highscores can be submitted) there are 20 predefined games to choose. The games 1-10 are randomly distributed, 11-15 have an equal distribution of 45 fields per color and games 16-20 have one color dominating each.

The submitted scores are checked for their validity. I hope now the run for the highscores gets a bit more interesting again.

LX: July 29, 2006
After almost 2 years a new game: RoadBlocks. Move the ball through the gate but that's not as easy as it sounds.

This game is a JavaScript clone of a Flash game by the same name by Michael Gagnon and Alex Withrow. You can play the original game on the RoadBlocks website here.

LX: August 24, 2004
Another new game. This time it's SameGame, a pretty addictive game. Clear as many adjacent bricks as possible and beat the highscore.

Have fun!

LX: August 13, 2004
Today I completed the first new game on in ages: Othello. Some may know it under the name Reversi.
This is the first game I had to program a more complex artificial intelligence for, but I think it got pretty good. At least it beats its creator pretty regularly. =)

So have fun with this mind-boggling game!

LX: August 04, 2004
Stick a fork in it. It's done.

Today I commented the remaining source codes. New in this version is the syntax hilighting I implemented for the sources. I hope the code is a little more understandable this way.

Additionally I implemented the mail notifyer for forgotten passwords. Therefore the site is now complete.

So have fun now on JSG v2.0!

LX: July 21, 2004
For a few days Misel's Minesweeper and Sokoban and my Mastermind and Pacman are used on The games are available in both English and Dutch there.

LX: July 08, 2004
After a one year period of inactivity I finally managed to continue the site overhaul. I hope that it'll be finished in the next weeks.
The new version will have some differences:
1st: There won't be any download packages anymore because creating and maintaining them costs too much time. If you want to play the games offline you can save the page using your web browser anyway.
2nd: The highscore system was completely revised, therefore it should be less prune to errors than the old one. Also you can submit an email address now so that your password can be mailed to you in case you forgot it.

Oh, and some time in the last year two of our games were implemented into another web project. Memory and the Sliding Tiles Puzzle can now also be played on (see Interaktiv => Spiele) - of course with optical customizations. The Sliding Tiles Puzzle is also used on (see Play the Game => Schiebepuzzle).

Misel: March 24, 2003
We're still online and working on the site. It's currently under a major overhaul as we port it to PHP to maintain it more easily.

Misel: December 28, 2002
Yes, I'm still alive ;-) . I can't let LX do everything, after all this domain runs under my name. We want to thank for the numerous visits because this month we got 10,000 visits per month for the first time. Special thanks go to the following sites that link our games:
Visitors trend
Visitors trend

LX: November 29, 2002
Finally there's a new game to announce. During the last few days I created a Pacman version in JavaScript which can be played on these sites since today. The source code will follow as soon as I can find some time to comment the script. Then also a download package for offline gaming will be available. Have fun with the new game.

LX: November 03, 2002
Long time no news here but that doesn't mean we don't care about this site anymore. During the last few days Misel is working on a new game: a Pong port in JavaScript. I'm also thinking about doing a new project but I couldn't decide yet which game I want to do (maybe Reversi/Othello, I'll see).
The poll (on the right) is also re-opened since yesterday. So for all those that visited the site in the last few weeks but couldn't vote for their favourite game: You now have the chance to do so. :)

LX: September 21, 2002
Few days ago Vito Dantona, the webmaster of contacted me with the question if he could add graphics to our Tetris game and publish it on his website. Of course our games can be used on other sites as long as we know about it and our copyright notice is left in the game. So if you want to play a graphical version of Tetris with a slightly changed highscore system (based on the Tetris game which came with Windows 3.x) you can do so now on his site in the "games" section. :)

LX: August 11, 2002
After a pretty long pause today I'm proud to present an update to our site. now has one more game to offer: Snake. The game is not entirely finished yet, some more levels will follow. But the game already has a level editor to be creative on your own. The commented source code as well as a download package will be available as soon as I finish the game. Have fun :)

LX: June 17, 2002
Today I updated the highscore of Tetris and for the fairness deleted the old scores. What's the difference now? The highscore is faster, neater, fairer and simply better....... mmh, to be honest, the points are now the same calculation as before, with a little difference: now it works like mentioned in the game's description. I only realized today that I made the mistake that you got the same amount of points per deleted line in every level, although it should increase with the level number.

LX: June 05, 2002
Misel finally finished his Sokoban game and now also provides a level editor with it.
Also today I opened a new poll question and an archive for the old polls. Vote now, you lazy bums :)

Misel: May 28, 2002
Cool stuff is on the way to your screen. In case you like the 3D-graphics on this website you can now get them in higher resolutions - together WITH the povray-sourcecode!

Misel: May 21, 2002
New game: I just uploaded the newest game - Sokoban. Move the boxes to their targets. But beware! It's not as easy as it sounds.

Misel: May 20, 2002
Highscore Time!!! - The highscores are now enabled for both Minesweeper versions. We decided to set up highscores only for the advanced and most difficult settings because ... well every sweeper out there should be able to solve the easiest settings with closed eyes. ;-) If you can't win even then visit Minesweeper World to learn how to play it. :-)
Even more highscores - this time in Memory. The points are evaluated "attemptsĀ² × time" so that less attempts are better than less time. All in all the lower your points are the better your position on the rank list will be. :-)

LX: May 19, 2002
Okay, this night I finished a part of the highscore list and implemented it into the Tetris game to see how it works. Seems to be alright so let the run on the highscore begin! :-)
Of course I will also create a highscore list for most of the other games on this site in the near future.

LX: May 18, 2002
Today's site update includes fixes of background colors, some new entries in the development section and a new completed game: Tetris. The last few days I also started to code an online highscore system for our games in PHP. But since I don't have a clue of this language (yet) this may take a while.

Misel: May 05, 2002
Today LX has installed this fancy poll on the right. He's also working on the guestbook. During the last days we implemented the most important things of this website - the games - and are still working on commenting the source codes. We also set an internal deadline but the official release date is "When it's done". ;-)

LX: April 23, 2002
Misel used his spare time and came up with some nice-looking graphics for our games page.

LX: April 22, 2002
Intro page design.

LX: April 21, 2002
Decision about the name, more design.

LX: April 20, 2002
First conception of the page layout.

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