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Tetris − LX

To move the bricks left or right you can either use the cursor-left or cursor-right keys on your keyboard or the buttons below the container. To let a brick fall faster you can use cursor-down or the appropriate button. To rotate a brick use cursor-up, the space bar or the button. However if you are using opera you cannot play the game with your keyboard but have to use the buttons instead.

You start on level one. After you have cleared 10 lines you will get to level 2, where the falling speed is increased by a factor of 1.3. After another 10 lines you get to level 3 with 1.3× the speed of level 2 and so on.

For each brick that falls down you get as many points as the level's number says. For lines there's the following calculation:
  • 1 cleared line in the same turn: 50 points × level number
  • 2 cleared lines: 100 points × level number
  • 3 cleared lines: 300 points × level number
  • 4 cleared lines: 1200 points × level number

Right of the container there is a small container that shows you which brick will come next. The bricks are chosen randomly so you cannot say which one will come after that.

You can pause the game at any time and continue it by pressing the Pause button right of the container or by pressing the "P" key.

You lose the game when no more bricks can be thrown into the container in the middle. Then the Start New Game button will reappear to clear the container and start again.