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Pacman − LX

To begin the game click Start Game. You control Pacman with either the cursor keys or WASD.

Pacman eats all pills he walks over, with every pill he gets 10 points. But if he's caught by a ghost he loses a life and starts over at his starting position.

If Pacman eats one of the pulsating pills the ghosts turn blue and slow down. Now you can eat the ghosts without losing a life. If you eat the first ghost you get 400 points, with the second ghost you get 800 points, with the third 1200 points and if you even catch the last one you get 1600 points. If you ate a ghost his (harmless) eyes float back to the middle where they turn back into ghosts.

After a while the blue ghosts start to blink. That is a sign that they will turn back into normal ghosts soon and that they will also regain their usual speed.

Every once in a while a cherry appears in the maze. If Pacman eats that he gets 100 points.